Thursday, 27 February 2014

First Night

(Picture courtesy of kimihiiro from deviantart)


  1. Hey, Liz! I sorry for being out of touch for so long, Luv! Been suffering the doldrums of the blue, Winter months, dear.

    Anyhow; Glad to see you're capping, and that you're among the Blogiverse of TG-Cappers now! Very HAWT, b.t.w.!!!

    I'll be glad to 'Follow' you here once you add the 'Follow this Blog' gadget, and start steering readers your way, Liz! (well, maybe we'll stir readers in a lot of fun & kinky ways!?!)

    Ever yours in Peace, Love, Kisses & Captions!!!

  2. Not been in a captioning mood for a while now Elle to tell the truth, may be losing interest in the genre actually. I do these Mass Effect captions because I love the game, and always wondered what would happen if some of the characters switched bodies. Hope you're in good health, and stay safe xx

  3. I was gone from captioning for a bit but it's cool to see that you're captioning now. I'd like to say thank you for putting my blog on your site. I hope you keep going! :)

  4. Just gotta say; your mass effect captions are my favorite