Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Mutant Couple


  1. "... Agatha grabbed her crotch with one hand and a sagging breast with the other and left the room. A few moments later the young hunk from the next room walked in, naked, with one hand on his chiseled pectoral and the other holding his large, erect manhood.
    "Oh my! What can I do for you, Senior?" Asked a grinning 'Alessandra' in a rich, Brazilian accent as Horace rolled onto his side and let a hand trace the curve of hie perky, borrowed breast.
    "For one thing, HoraSandra,," said Aggie in her own, female voice as she stepped beside the bed stroking her thick rod, "You can use your own voice whenever something comes out of that pretty mouth. You know I love the kinkiness of that." She extended her big hand to take her husband's slim one and help him sit up.
    "It's a deal," replied his gruff bass from the pretty face, then, "What else would you like, stud?" he asked with a wicked grin on his glossy lips.
    "You can not say anything because your mouth is too full to speak, Dear." Aggie purred as she drew his him toward her hard-on. A deep, muffle "Mmm-hmm" was all Horace replied as his mouth enveloped his 'guest'. ..."

    :-x :-x

    1. Oh Elle, this made me realize just how much I've missed your little ditties on the end of my captions :) xx So sexy!! Thank you. Hope to see more, lol. Each one is like a mini story.

    2. Well, Luv, I'm glad you like them so much! Sometimes I just wish I wasn't so damned long-winded at these shorties! :-x