Tuesday, 3 February 2015


(Repost, without spelling errors)


  1. "... Of course, their 'magical mishap' did nothing to change Damien's feelings for Bridget, and the thought that his mom was now having all 'his' fun with the love of his life made Damien determined to win back his lover! Even if he had to do it as a divorced MILF-turned-lesbian, which might not be beyond the realm of possibility, seeing as Bridget was not only bi-sexual, but had told Damien that she thought his mom was really sexy... for a mature woman! ..."

    I cannot help but believe there should always be hope for a happy ending, Liz! But, then again, my version of "happy" may be a little different from others'! :-x:-x:-x

    1. I can't see anything wrong with your version, Elle. As always, thanks for your wonderful comment.

    2. No thanks necessary, Liz! It's always my pleasure to play with you... er, with your words, at least!!! ;-) :-x