Monday, 2 November 2015

After Class


  1. Hey, beautiful! Glad to have noticed that you're posting!! (and almost envious of Gareth!) I do hope that you are doing well, sweetie!

    But, seeing as you left things... open...

    "... inside his sister's body. A squadron of butterflies taking flight in his tummy as tinglings began to sprint back-&-forth between his nipples & his crotch, and a warm flush filled his cheeks!

    No, Gareth could not protect his sister like he would with his own body so, he dashed from her creepy-teacher's grasp & classroom and ran right into the girl's loo while he became acutely aware of her bobbing breasts' stiff nipples and the way her hips swayed with every step! Not to mention how differently her pelvis moved than his own!

    Alone in the w/c his sister would be safe from her teacher. But now Gareth found herself alone and... in a certain state! ..."

    Been too long since I left you one of those, Liz! So I hope you don't mind me doing it now.


    P.S. And I did do a caption for you, not too long ago, Liz. Not sure if you saw, "Looks Like She Could Be", at my place, but I couldn't help but think of you when I saw the pics. :-x :-x :-x

    1. Managing to get by Elle, my mother's health is a lot worse, she's near enough bed-ridden now. My dad isn't sleeping much. I'm battling depression that comes and goes. Such is life. Hope you are doing better. I think of you babes, remember that ;) Whatever happens to us, I appreciate our online friendship, as it were, and as it is.

      Thank you for this Elle-pilogue, I have missed those, and captioning a little. I still post on a Yahoo group every month or two, Tom's old group, mother/son or aunt.nephew swaps mostly. I just felt like posting a caption to my blog, not sure why.

      I just read the three-parter you did for me, and left a comment. Thank you xx

    2. I do understand, darling. And I also experience bouts of melancholia about where my life has brought me to.

      My deepest condolences regarding your parent's health, and I hope they are not suffering terribly. Know too, that my sentiments are mutual where our exchanges are concerned, my friend!

      My you know the greatest Peace! Experience the deepest Love! And share the most passionate Kisses!

  2. What's the yahoo group you still post on? I used to be a member of Tom's group but can't seem to find it anywhere.


      But also posted them on this group. Since Tom isn't around anymore to approve memberships.