Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Work Party


  1. "... Then again, neither of them realized how the new "Personal Items" fridge would cut down on workers nibbling from others' lunches. And Jessica never would have suspected it was Steven stealing the cherry tomatoes form her salads, either. But, here they stood. In each-others' bodies. with unprecedented access to the others' most-personal of "items".

    What stunned Jessica more than the stiffening cock in her trousers was the way Steven seemed utterly at-ease in her fabulously-sexy body as he sashayed teasingly toward her. "Don't you go gettin' any ideas, mister,"she warned.

    "Like what," replied Steven, running a hand through her hair, over a breast and down her waist to rest on her curvy hip. "How much more fun the party will be in - and out of - your costume?!" then minced out of the break-room.

    All Jessica could think of after that was getting Steven out of her costume! ..."

    Well... It was there so, I figured I'd go ahead & use it, Sweetie!!
    :-x :-x :-x

    1. I was hoping you'd leave a elle-pilogue for this one, lol. Maybe the Becky and Asicha one too, even though it's two different men in that caption. Thank you Elle :) xx

    2. Ask and ye shall, Liz!

      And, I must say that, I can't imagine how troubling it must be for you to find yourself in Jessica's amazing body! Anything you might need help while dealing with that, buddy?! :-x :-p :-b :-d :-)

    3. I'd appreciate any help from you while in Jessica's wonderfully sexy body :)