Friday, 6 November 2015

Escaping The Ghetto


  1. "... "And, you know I always had a thang fo' da blonde bitches, right, Jamal!?" added Lamar as he used his other new, slim fingers to delicately sweep his friend's hair behind his ear.

    Jamal felt a shiver run down his neck, over this new, stiffening nipples, to make his tiny clit tingle as he replied, "Ya-das-right, bro!" He let one hand slide down his torso to press his fingers against the bud swelling at the top of his moistening vulva, then he purred with as much "white-girl" as Becky's voice could convey, "And now I get to be one... Aicha, *giggles* Named Becky, girl-friend! And you are just the one I want to have in my hood..." Jamal pulled up his mini-dress and laid on the bed with his legs spread with a hand on his panties, "...Boyyey! *giggle*"

    "Oh-eM-Gee, Becky," Lamar feigned shock with Aicha's mild, Spanish accent as he knelt between the blonde's smooth legs. "If that's what you need, I'm you b-f-for-ever-y-thing," then leaned in to let their breasts press together as their full lips met in a tentative, lesbian kiss. ..."

    I hope this is an epELLEogue that brings the story in an amenable direction for you, Luv!


    1. If it causes a certain 'stirring', then it works. And it has ;-) Thank you hun xxx

  2. But can they pull it off? Neither one sounds like a girl and they don't know anything about their new lives . . . hot cap. lol